Clearly Unique Personalized  Keepsakes & Heirlooms

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Clearly Unique Hand Crafted Keepsakes & Heirlooms

Make any occasion Clearly Unique with a gift from Clearique! I specialize in hand stamped personalized jewelry, keepsakes and heirlooms.  All crafted with various metals and accented with gemstones and beads. Uniquely made designed by you!

Find creativity to express your style! Together we create fun loving unique hand stamped and personalized creations available for everyone in your family!! Grandparents, Mom, Dad, Siblings, Babies and even our furry friends!! All items are unique and made one-of-a-kind.

~~~~~*Hand Stamped From Clearique~*~~~~~
What makes Clearique different from a lot of other Hand Stampers is my creativity when it comes to designing accents for your piece! I take great pleasure out of adding beads, color, fun and personality to each and every piece!

 ~*~Sensitive Skin Welcome

Earring wires, necklaces, bracelets and findings are all hypoallergenic as to not irritate sensitive skin! I even offer completely hypoallergenic Hand Stamped Creations. A great alternative to sterling silver is stainless steel. It is durable and easy on the skin, a perfect substitute that looks just as beautiful, cost less and never tarnishes!

~*~About The Metals

**Copper Copper is a pure element with similar characteristics of sterling silver. It is soft smooth and stunning! Copper has a reddish-orange tone and looks amazing mixed with other metals.

**Brass Brass is an alloy metal of copper and zinc. With its gold tone and strong durability it makes a perfect piece for a necklace.

**Aluminum Aluminum with its light weight yet sturdy characteristics makes it a perfect substitute for nickel/silver. With aluminum you do not have to worry about the reaction you might concur from using nickel but still maintaining the same look with its silvery white appearance.

**Stainless steel Its silver its shiny!!! Its Stainless Steel! This metal is durable and easy on the skin, a perfect substitute for sterling silver that looks just as beautiful, cost less and never tarnishes!

~*~Beads, Baubles and More

At Clearique I use a a wide range of beads, gemstones, and organic materials.

**Crystals and rhinestone accents Shimmery sparkly beads that resemble diamonds

**Faceted Czech glass beads These beads have tiny dimples that give a beautiful iridescent glow when the light hits them just right

**Euro Beads Large open centers with .925 silver lining.

**Glass beads Pearls, lampwork, faceted, bicone etc...

**Organic Shell, freshwater pearls, coral, wood, seeds, nuts, coco shells etc.

. **Gemstones Garnet, cherry quartz, turquoise and whatever I have in stock at the time.

~*~Custom Requests Welcome~*~

I do my work with patience, care, and all items are hand stamped with love. Variations in stampings do occur but that is what gives each and every piece its personality and very own uniqueness!