Clearly Unique Personalized  Keepsakes & Heirlooms

Elizabeth Keemer

Was made quickly. Sent out very quickly. And she made sure it was exactly what I wanted. Definitely good customer service will be buying from this store again

Lindsey Z.

Clearique is one of THE BEST sellers I have ever bought from!! Her communication was fast, considerate, and to the point, shipping was very fast, and I am very satisfied with my purchase! I am definitely coming back! A 7 stars out of 5 experience! THANK YOU!!!!

Melanie Ransome

I ordered a necklace for my mother's birthday, I had lost 3 siblings and had their name, birthday and the day they passed it was beautiful, affordable and I received it in less than a week, the packaging was sooo cute., I would recommend this to anyone wanting to give someone a unique gift


Phenomenal customer service for truly custom creations at a remarkable price. I'm not sure my experience and product could be improved upon.

Ashley French

This was one of the best purchase experiences I have ever had.I ended up with a custom design that I absolutely love.It was a gift for my mother who adored it.All the sentiment and beauty I needed for this gift was definitely in the final product.The communication between me and the seller was awesome.I was just so happy with my purchase.She had me excited through the entire creative process.The creator and the creation were phenomenal.If I ever need anything like this again I will be coming back here for sure.LOVED IT!!!Thank you so much.


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